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Horsten 1,

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Founding Partner

Eindhoven Student Business Club (ESBC)


The Eindhoven Student Business Club is an initiative which goes back to 2008 and originates from the wish among entrepreneurs to have a TU/e-wide platform for entrepreneurs. The goal of the ESBC has not changed since; uniting (starting) entrepreneurs with the aim of discussing and solving problems and challenges regarding running an enterprise.

Entrepreneurs can get in touch with other entrepreneurs through various events. Together problems can be discussed and solved. By inviting speakers from industry, young entrepreneurs will be inspired. Every other type of feedback can be obtained during the informal drinks afterwards.

We are also available for students who are thinking about starting up. Information or critics necessary to transform an idea into a healthy business proposition is widely available at the network events.

The most important difference with many existing Business Clubs is that we really base our activities on the needs that our members have. First of all our activities should have a clear added value for the entrepreneurs.


Eindhoven Student Business Club